HF LearnSafety Firearms & Security Officer Training Center
315 Litchfield Rd. , New Milford, CT 06776
(Turn onto Harmony Trail, first building on the right)

"The Region's Most Trusted Source for Firearms/Permits, Citizen Protection, Security Officer, Bail Enforcement Agent & Law Enforcement Certified Training."

NRA - HFLS full day classes NOW $145 per person for CT/NY Training Class

Same Day Combination with the State of Utah 30-State Class for $225. pp
State of Utah Pistol Permits now available for those 18 years of age!

All Classes Taught by a Retired Police Officer who is an active Connecticut Police Academy State Firearm Instructor and NRA Instructor

 Class dates, cost, and detailed information,
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A full complement of training courses in the use of pistols, shotguns, rifles, and taser,
oc (chemical) spray, police 
batons and handcuff restraints.

HF LearnSafety offers a wide variety of courses, ranging from the NRA, State Police, Utah Basic Pistol Safety Course (the required state pistol permit safety courses for Connecticut, New York, Utah, and most other states),  to personal and tactical defense training for private citizens and Connecticut sworn law enforcement officers.  Plus HR 218 qualification for retired police officers, the CT Security Officer Guard Card and the CT Armed Security Officer Blue Card Courses, the CT Bail Enforcement Criminal Justice Course and the CT Bail Enforcement Agent & Bail Bondsman Firearms Course.

All group classes are available as private one-on-one or small group classes.

For more details and to schedule call (203) 947-4327 or email learnsafety@gmail.com.

Private hourly instruction and private certified classes are available for those who want to receive their permit, learn and improve their skills and decide upon which firearms are best for them. 

To Register for Classes:

  • On-Line:  Please click here for On-Line registration and payment. There are two separate forms to fill out, the first for payment using Paypal (which will accept all credit and debit cards). Then scroll down to the class registration form, which asks for required information for your class certificate.  Please be sure to hit the submit button. 

You will receive a confirmation email upon receipt of your payment and registration form.


For more than a decade, Herb Furhman has taught thousands of men, women, and youth

A Connecticut Police Academy firearms and defensive weapons instructor and a retired police officer, Herb brings real-life experiences and training into the classroom and onto the firing range. Our students not only learn the required statutory requirements, they also learn the moral, ethical, legal and practical aspects of carrying a firearm for self-defense. 

With HF LearnSafety you'll get the best and most appropriate personalized training to meet your needs.

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