Connecticut Police P.O.S.T. Training 
for Active Duty Sworn Municipal Police Officers

Provided only to currently certified sworn Connecticut municipal police officers. Includes two hours of firearms range shooting with qualification and one hour of classroom training. Police officers will receive credits with the P.O.S.T. 50 B form for Area 301 and 301A. 

TASER re-certification on Version 19 and the 6-hour taser course for new users are  available. We also provide POST training recert on OC spray, baton, handcuffing, use of force and decision making.

Herb Furhman is an approved firearms, baton, handcuff, oc spray, handcuffing, use of force and decision-making instructor through the State of Connecticut Police Officer Standards and Training Council.  He will provide training at your agency's training facility or his. Call 203-947-4327 or email


Nine hours of firearm training every three years are required in this area for police pistol. Any officer with an active P.O.S.T. Card whose agency requires his or her annual three-hour training will, upon successful completion, receive the signed form 50-B.

At the minimum, we will provide, in a four-hour block, the approved course of fire with the CM-5, B-60 target at the range with two hours of firearms classroom in tactics, use of force, decision making and legal updates. The officer will provide his/her own duty firearm, gear and ammunition. 

Shotgun tactical training is not a required course of the academy. However, Mr. Furhman is certified as an NRA Law Enforcement shotgun instructor and will provide an NRA LEO Shotgun qualification course of fire.


Mr. Furhman is a graduate of Taser Academy. He provides a two-hour re-certification program on the X26
and other Taser units. 

Use of Force and legal updates are also provided. 

The officer will bring his/her taser and two cartridges to the class and will receive the P.O.S.T. form signed off in that area.

OC Spray, Handcuffing, Police Baton and 
Use of Force Fundamentals

Mr. Furhman is a certified instructor of Police LOCK-UP. He conducts a two-hour class module in each of these POST approved courses, including use of force and decision making. The officer will bring his/her issued equipment to the class including inert oc spray.

This is an eight-hour certificate-issued course for police officers.  

It will provide you with the basics and safe use of restraints, chemical irritants, baton blocks and strikes and their associated use of force according to statutory and case law, both state and federal. 

To schedule, call 203-947-4327 or email:

HF LearnSafety Cancellation Policy: No refunds are available. If you are unable to attend a pre-registered class, you may reschedule by contacting us no later than three days prior to the class date. You may only reschedule once and must take the rescheduled class within a two-month period. Class registration is transferable to another person.