I've been in the military for 11 years, and am a federal officer in the USCG as well...  I still leaned a lot of important and knowledgeable information. 
- Dave A., Cross River, NY

Class was above my expectations. Nothing needed for improvement.
- Richard E., W. Redding

I thought the class was wonderful and extremely informative. Herb is a great teacher and I will take another course with him.
- Gina D., Greenwich

It was a good course. As a Marine, I recommend it to everyone.

- Viviana R., Hartford

Very grateful for the instruction.
- Ray F., Southbury

The course was great.
- Dan W., Newtown

Everything was beneficial.
- Andreas D.P., New York City

Herb did a great job. Fast and informative.
- Richard H., Saugerties, NY

Overall, very helpful and informative.
- Johnny A., Danbury