The NRA HFLS Basic Pistol Safety Class 

$145 includes all training materials, range time, ammunition and target, firearms usage, eye glasses, headset use. 

A One-Day, eight-hour class, that is enjoyable and educational. No preparation required to attend. Just come and we'll do the rest.

This course includes in-depth review of  Connecticut and other state firearm laws, federal laws, the application process following the class and use of force laws. 

Firearm training exercises consist of:

  • Determining dominant eye
  • Rules for safe gun-handling 
  • Range safety rules and commands 
  • Proper one and two-handed grip for Semi-automatic and Revolver 
  • The five fundamentals of pistol shooting
  • Shooting positions
  • Pistol and revolver loading and operations
  • Live Firing exercises
  • The safe cleaning and storage of a firearm

Just click here to register and make your payment.  You'll receive an email confirmation.  That's it!!!! Very simple.  

Take the State of Utah's 30-State Pistol Permit Class on the same day for a discounted rate of $80 ($110 value) - both for $225! Includes Fingerprinting.

2017 Group Classes
- August 26, Saturday
- September 10, Sunday
- September 23, Saturday
- October 7, Saturday
- October 15, Sunday
- October 28, Saturday
- November 5, Sunday
- November 18, Saturday
- November 26, Sunday
- December 9, Saturday
- December 17, Sunday
- December 30, Saturday

Note: Saturday and Sunday classes begin at 8:30 am with registration beginning at 8:15 am.
Note: NRA Basic Pistol Certificate is $15 additional. No additional cost for the HFLS Basic Pistol Certificate.

The CT and NY Pistol Permit s are issued to those 21 years of age and older to carry and purchase handguns, long guns and ammunition as defined by law.  However, mature young adults are allowed and do attend this safety education program. The Utah Concealed Carry Permit class is now also available to those 18 years old. 

Successful completion of this course is a basic requirement prior to applying for a state pistol permit in CT, NY, NJ, PA, FL and many other states.

To Register for HF LearnSafety Classes:


Private One-Day Basic Pistol Safety Class

Private classes are arranged for an individual, or small groups, who wish to learn on a one-to-one or small group basis. This class includes the entire program as listed above, plus custom tailored instruction to your skill level and learning objectives. Fee includes all training materials, ammunition and target, firearms usage, eye glasses and headset.

Call 203-947-4327 or email for costs and schedule. Pre-registration is required.

HF LearnSafety Cancellation Policy: No refunds are available. If you are unable to attend a pre-registered class, you may reschedule by contacting us no later than three days prior to the class date. You may only reschedule once and must take the rescheduled class within a two-month period. Class registration is transferable to another person.