HF LearnSafety Class Registration Form

Please use one form per person.
Print out this page, fill it out and mail it together with your payment to:
 HF LearnSafety, LLC - P.O. Box 114, Gaylordsville, CT 06755

Full Legal Name: ______________________________________________________

Street Address : _______________________________________________________

City: ________________________ State:____________ Zip:___________________

Telephone: ___________________ Alternate Telephone: ______________________

Birth Date: ___________________ E-Mail: _________________________________

My check in the amount of $______________ is enclosed.
(Please make payable to HF LearnSafety, LLC.)

Date Selected Course of Instruction Class Fee
Call to Schedule
Private Instruction for Shotgun, Pistol, Rifle (basic, intermediary, advanced) hourly. Range Fees, ammo, targets additional.
$60/hour for 1 person,
$90 for 2 persons
Basic Pistol Course (Group Class),
8 hours
Utah Permit Basic Pistol Class Same-Day Add-on (Group Class)
Personal Protection In The Home
(Group Class), 8 hours
$255, minimum enrollment required: 2 persons
UTAH Concealed Carry Pistol Permit Course
(Group Class), 4 hours, includes fingerprinting.
CT Security Guard (Guard Card) Training
$110, includes fingerprinting.
Or Call to Schedule
CT Armed Security Guard (Blue Card) Training
Call to Schedule
Annual Recert CT Armed Security Guard (Blue Card)
Fundamentals of Handcuffing, O.C. Spray, and Police Baton for Security Officers. Call for details.
Call to Schedule
Private Individual or Special Group Classes
for Basic Pistol or Utah
$ Call
Call to Schedule
HR 218/S.1132 LEOSA Retired Law Enforcement Officers Annual Certification and Card Issuance. Targets and safety equipment included. No outdoor range fee. Indoor range fee extra. Your ammunition and firearm(s)
$60 for one firearm

$70 for two firearms
Call to Schedule
Home Safety Audit. Call for details.
$90 per hour